Athelston St bus stop improvements

The new bus shelter and road markings became operational on June 14th 2016.  This ended an effort lasting over two years by the Barrington Interest Group (BIG) to improve the facilities for bus users on the south side of Athelston St.  The group is now looking at ways in which the bus service for the area can be improved.

Bus stop barington


Attention Halswell Quarry visitors

People parking in the Cashmere Rd carpark to Halswell Quarry beware!  Do not leave your wallet and valuables in your car.  Thieves may hide in the bushes and wait until you are out of sight and will then attempt to rob your car. Windows have been broken and wallets stolen recently.  Please be alert as to who might be around.  If you see anything suspicious carefully note the clothing, features, manner of the people and notify police comms if concerned.  People who are up to no good will ususally move off if they know they are being observed.  Keep yourselves  safe and take your valuables with you.  Be observant as to what is happening around you.


Cashmere View / Fairview St park upgrade

On June 11th, we are having our planting day for our park upgrade.  We will be renewing the plantings that have died off since the total upgrade in 2003.  We are working with the Parks and Reserve Dept of the CCC and the Park Ranger Simon Curtis who will procure the plants and provide us with a planting plan.  The Community Board has contributed a grant to ward the cost.  We are very grateful for the Council and Community Board support we have received.

The planting day starts at 1100, with a short break of BBQ sausages for the volunteers. Further details in our newsletter.  We are calling for lots of helpers to get it all planted. So give us a hand if you are able to spare a couple of hours on the day.  Bring your gardening gloves – digging not a necessary skill!


Did you know about?

A new Smartphone App called “Snap Send Solve” allows people to take photos of council-related issues and report them quickly and easily. All types of issues can be reported, including graffiti, blocked drains, fallen trees, broken playground equipment, and more. The app allows photos, including GPS locations, to be submitted by email to the Council. Council’s Customer Services  is then informed of the request for service and proceeds with the normal processes.

The free app can be downloaded from the Apple app store:

or from Android’s Google Play:

When the rain falls:

Do you live in an area by the river that is prone to flooding? If you are concerned at rising water levels phone 941-8999 and ask for the Civil Defence Duty Officer to report these concerns. Your call could keep the council informed before problems get worse.