About us

The broad objectives of the lower Cashmere Residents’ Association are:

  • To promote neighbourhood wellbeing
  • To act on behalf of and represent the views of the Lower Cashmere community
  • To foster community spirit
  • To retain the character of the area
  • To promote good design

We welcome your input by your letting us know your local issues. We also value your ideas and input as we continue to develop safeguards and protection of our jewel of a community

3 thoughts on “About us

    1. Thanks Ron – we really appreciate your comment. To join, it is $5 a year. You can pay by internet banking to 03 1594 0627007 00. Please email the treasurer Lyn on coulbeck5@xtra.co.nz with your email address so we can send out information to members. Thanks again for your support – we have a jewel of a community so we want to enhance it. Sue Bye Secretary LCRA


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