March update

Autumn has been making its way into our lovely summer days and we see the trees turning colour and the nights are definitely cooler.  Weather is more variable and we have received some very welcome rain.

We had a very interesting AGM in February.  Our committee for 2019 is Sue Bye, Jane Norton, Lyn Coulbeck, Noel Collins and Carole Kendall.  We bade goodbye to Guy Field, an original LCRA member, thanking him for his contributions over the years.

We were given a very interesting talk by Annabelle Hasselman, Chair of the Opawaho Heathcote River Network (OHRN).  Annabelle reviewed the establishment of the OHRN by local communities and the subsequent work of the network. This work by the ‘guardians of the river’ is detailed on the Network website.

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