Busy start to the year

Autumn is here with its mixture of rain and sunshine. Time to prepare for winter.

‘Flu shots are mandatory for those who are vulnerable health-wise.  This year’s flu strains are mixed with one very severe strain from the Northern Hemisphere on its way.  Please consider your family and neighbours and vaccinate yourself.  A family could be very vulnerable if one member becomes ill.   it is important to use scrupulous handwashing and to cover faces when sneezing or coughing.  Use tissues to collect sneezes and nose-blowing, dispose straight away then wash your hands.  Keep safe!


SCERT Hub opening

In March, we opened our new emergency hub at St Mark’s, corner of Barrington & Somerfield Streets.  The Hub has been the work of a joint project between the Somerfield & Lower Cashmere Residents’ Associations.

We had received funding through  ACTIS for a shed and the equipment needed to open a hub if required.  The role of the Hub is to provide support for the community in the event of an emergency.  We have alternative power supply for keeping phones & laptops charged.  We can provide cups of tea, we have emergency water and direct contact with the Civil Defence Emergency Centre.  We can provide current information on the emergency.


Our Hub was opened by MPs Ruth Dyson & Nuk Korako.  We were also supported by Community Board members.  Civil Defence & our local Community Patrol attended with displays for us to peruse.  We had a really good response from our communities.  we were all able to enjoy a sausage sizzle and light refreshments.

The best thing was all the chatting that went on – the community getting together.  IMG_0823

We also welcomed members of the Cashmere and Spreydon emergency hub teams.  together, we are providing our area with support in an emergency.

Emma (Civil Defence Emergency Team), Noel (LCRA), Julie (Somerfield RA), Sue (LCRA) , Andrew (Minister St Mark’s), Rik (Cashmere), Diana & Sonya (Spreydon )IMG_0834

Sue & Julie outside our storage shed.

The shed 1

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