Spring has arrived!

Apologies for the delay in updating this page, the editor has been recovering from knee surgery.  However, much has been happening behind the scenes and we are very pleased to be able to report on that.

Ashgrove Reserve

A weeding bee was held on September 16th and a substantial amount of material was carted off to the green waste. Committee members were joined bu locals and we had an extensive clean up.  Those present felt that a regular schedule of an hour’s work would help keep the weeds and debris (bottles, cans etc) down, without a great deal of effort.  three brothers turned up with Dad James, and they were brilliant at finding hte rubbish in hte undergrowth,  Thanks guys!

Pest control in Ashgrove area

While we were weeding, we met several neighbours.  One remarked on the amount of pests especially rats that frequented the whole lower Ashgrove area.  the LCRA  is signed up for the local pest control initiative and can help with this.  Watch this space – we will keep you posted via the newsletters, on this website and through our Ashgrove reserve contacts.

Ashgrove Reserve community meeting

We are having a community meeting on Oct 2nd at 4.30pm at Silverbacks, Cracroft shops.  There is a great deal of interest in the enhancement of the Reserve and the reduction of pests to make it a more conducive environment for the native plants, ferns and hopefully birds.  our Reserve is one of only three established native planting in urban Christchurch.  We want to join with our friends in the Ernle Clark Reserve to preserve these precious areas.       So please join us!

Emergency Planning

We are continuing to develop our emergency planning initiative through SCERT in conjunction with the Somerfield Residents Association.  We have applied for some local funding that became available tor us on this side of town and are currently waiting for confirmation of funding available to finish the planning for our drop-in centre at St Marks on Barrington St.  We will keep you posted.

Emergency Planning is one of our community initiatives this year.  We have also come across an excellent, comprehensive app that will help everyone in planning for and dealing with an emergency.  Each person in the family can load it onto their devices and develop thier family plan.  We urge you to consider this.

The app can be downloaded from your usual app store and is called Hazard App.  It is a NZ developed app and is very relevant for us.  you may see it listed as the Red Cross App.

It covers background, planning, what to do, for a whole range of emergencies: storms, floods, earthquakes, fire, tsunami and others.  Load it and have a look for yourselves.

hazard app



Liquor Store submission

The LCRA sent in a submission protesting against the opening of a bottle store on the Milton /Barrington corner, with the entrance on Milton St.  This store is being proposed by the Auckland company Bottle-O who have just opened one outlet in the Selwyn St  shops as well as many others throughout Christchurch.   The committee felt that the opening of one on Milton St was totally unnecessary with a Selwyn St store and the off-license place in the mall- both nearby.  Besides that, it is on a major intersection and close to major bus routes. as well as a secondary school.  It is not a good addition to our community!

South Christchurch Community Patrol

This week the police issued a media statement about the success  our patrol had in detecting suspicious behaviour on a local street and following the person while contacting the police.  The person was arrested and is due to appear in court for interfering with motor vehicles.  The Community Patrol is the ‘eyes and ears of the police’ and we can play a major role in preventing crime.  If you are interested in more information please call David Scott on 021 295 2342.  New patrollers are always welcome.


LCRA committee members are continuing to work on behalf of our wonderful community.  don’t forget we have frequent newsletter with the details of our work.  you can find them from the home page under the Newsletters tag.

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