Current plans for community consultation

At the moment, there are two initiatives locally that we are invited to comment on.   They are both important for our are so please take the time to consider them.

One has to do with the upgrade of the Hoon Hay Rd/ Cashmere Rd /Worsleys Rd intersection.  Public submissions are invited.  This is a significant intersection for our area so community input is vital.  Public pressure has had this work brought forward so now we must be involved in solving the traffic woes.

The plan involves realigning the Hoon Hay / Worsleys Rd interface with Cashmere Rd, including the installation of traffic lights to help moderate the flows through the intersection.  The details of the plan may be found at the following link:  

There will be a drop-in meeting on Monday 14th August at Silverbacks Cafe on Monday August 14th, drop=in between 5pm – 7pm.

The date for submissions is 28th August 5pm.

The other item for consideration is the Barrington St playground.  Submissions close 4th August.  details of this exciting upgrade can be found at the website: www,ccc,

Community involvement strengthens our community.  Let’s be involved.

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