End of May Update

Greetings everyone, apologies for being off-line for so long.  I had some technology issues and am now back in action online.  Thank you for the feedback, it is always good to know that we have readers out there who care about our area as we do.

We have several things to report on as we end May and head into June.  It is said that our worst winter weather comes after the shortest day, so we have lots more cold to come.  Let’s celebrate our winter as it makes Spring so wonderful.  However, it is more important that we stay warm, dry, safe and well.

Opawaho/Heathcote River clean-up

The annual river clean-up was successful again this year.  In our area there was not as much rubbish as last year, but an ironing board and freezer lid was found under a tree.  Again we had an enthusiastic group of volunteers including a Dad and his children who had participated in the Somerfield  RA section and then came to help us.  We also had the support of the South Christchurch Community Patrol SYCP1.  Some of the patrollers came to give us a hand.  Thank you everyone for your time and energy.

Cashmere View St planting

Last year we did a refresh of the planting, with great support from our community.  This year on June 10th at 11am we are getting together again to replace some of the plants that had died or been removed plus add some that we weren’t able to acquire last year.  We have the support of the City Council Parks and reserves department who will provide the plants.  We are appreciative of their support.

We also decided that as we had to twice postpone our community BBQ that we would have a post-planting BBQ.  So, you are welcome to show your support and share with the neighbours, starting at 11am.  BBQ to follow.

Ashgrove Reserve

In the last couple of newsletters we asked for interest in one of our planned community projects for the year, the Ashgrove Reserve.  It was very heartening to receive a good response so a site meeting was arranged. We were very fortunate to have the insights of Alice Shanks and Colin Meurk from the Ernle Clarke Reserve who were very happy to review the trees and the site as we went through it.  Mandy Brown from the CCC Parks & Reserves joined us as well.

The Reserve, is a wonderful collection of native plantings, mostly from the North Island gifted to the city.  A brief stocktake of the site, showed a very interesting collection including rare trees, seldom found in Christchurch.   There was universal agreement that the park needed some TLC.  There is some background work we need to do and then we will call a wider meeting to discuss further.  We are very keen to see this area continued to be preserved and protected as well as enhanced to be the best it can be with more native under plantings and better tree management. It is one of the few remaining native areas in Christchurch.  We will keep you informed.


Included is the file note of the meeting.  File note of Ashgrove Reserve meeting May 12th 2017

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