Autumn Thoughts

Autumn is here, not only in the trees changing colour but also the arrival of cooler weather and the welcome gentle rain.

Autumn is ‘clean-up’ time and so once again we look to tidy up our areas after summer growth as well as clear away debris and rubbish collected over the last few months.  Two dates for the calendar:

  1. Mother of all Cleanups” for the Opawaho/Heathcote River on May 12th, the day before Mother’s Day. The LCRA will cover the river from Barrington St to the end of Ashgrove Tce.  We will meet at the bridge by Zeroes at 2pm. Last year we had a large number of volunteers to clean our stretch of the river and we retreived a large amount of rubbish.  You will not need to go in the water,  Bring gardening gloves and sturdy shoes / gumboots.

  2. Cashmere View St park tidy-up and planting,  June 10th at 11-30am We have some replacement plants to put in, some new ones to add and we will also do a rubbish clean-up.  All volunteers are welcome to join us for a sausage BBQ when we finish and we invite the neighbours to join us.

This year we would like to highlight the Ashgrove Reserve as a jewel in our area.  More in our next newsletter.  If you have any anecdotes or stories to share please contact us.

Stay safe and stay warm.  Remember to make a family plan for emergencies.

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