The arrival of rain . . .

The arrival of rain today helps to ensure the fires are almost out.  The worst of the danger is over and the cordons are being lifted, so that is all good news.  The rain will soak into the ground and help with managing the underground burning of tree roots.  Once again our thanks go to all the people who fought so hard, supported the workers  and all round offered support.  We all pulled together to get through this nasty situation.  Kia Kaha indeed.

The only ‘downside’ to this rain, is that once again our Nieghbourhood BBQ is under threat!  We will make a decision Saturday at 1200 hours whether we will be going ahead or cancelling again.  Notices will be posted at the Cashmere View park if the BBQ is cancelled and this website will be updated as to whether it is on or not.

Fingers crossed!

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