Port Hills Fire

The past few days have been a nightmare for our local esidents.  The uncertainty of where the fire would go and the scope of the damage was unnerving, challenging our sense of security.  Many ground fighters were working their hardest to contain the fire and the helicopters brought water to the scene, reassuring us that all things possible were being done to bring it all under control.

Our thanks go to all those involved for their committment and dedication to serve the community well.  It must have been a very hard and difficult situation for you all.  We are profoundly grateful for your efforts.  It has all come at the heavy cost of a brave man’s life and many houses lost.  Hundreds have been evacuated and many more of us wondering what would happen next.  While the reassuring noise of the Iriquois beamed out, it meant that things we very grim.

The local communication channels seemed to work well.  Updates came regularly from various sources: ‘Gets Ready’,  Facebook and Stuff, RNZ and local radio stations, CCC website, TV station websites.  Even if someone were not ‘on line’ there were plenty of sources of information available, which is very reassuring when things move fast.   Thanks go too to our locl MP – Nuk Korako who has been ‘on the ground’ and checking in on progress.  The LCRA received an update from him today including this fire map – very sobering!   See the map below:


This situation reinforces our need to have good emergency planning.  A family plan in an emergency is vital.  Be aware also of the things you would need to grab if you had just a few minutes: medication, passports, pets, mobile charging cord, a plan of where you are going.

Please consider all of this in light of this emergency.  We know about earthquakes; fires are a different story with different requirements. Stay safe everyone and once again, our profound thanks for all of those involved in dealing with this emergency.  Kia Kaha!!

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