Candidates’ Meeting

On Tuesday 20th September, the local Residents’ Associations group held a candidates’ meeting for the Spreydon / Cashmere Ward and Regional Council (E-Can) local body elections.  The meeting was well attended with people listening attentively to the presentations by the candidates. There was time for questions and then over light refreshments, conversations continued.

The meeting highlighted the importance of all of us making informed decisions about the future of our communities and the shape of our city in the years ahead. As well as the day to day running of the city, we also have the challenges faced by the Regional Council.  Clean water is obvious but we also need action on public transport, air quality & pest destruction. We have a lot to consider in our voting.  Meeting the candidates in person gave us the opportunity to inform our votes.

Our thanks to all the people who attended.  We also thank the candidates for their attendance.  Seeing you all in person helped to ’round you out’ from the information in the voting booklet. Your presence was greatly appreciated. Good luck with your campaigns!

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