Spring is here

img_0924img_0922September always seems to be the month when the rest of the year starts to gallop away.  There is plenty  happening in grass roots political arena at the moment.

Local Body elections

This year we elect the city councillors, community board members and the mayor.  We have a new  representation format and increased city councillor numbers.  Your voting paper packs should be arriving soon.  Please vote!  While the LCRA did not support the current representation format, we do urge you to exercise your right to have a say in who represents you in the local body arena.  The role of the ‘grass roots’ politicians is to listen to the views of the local communities.   Our role as community members is to exercise our right to vote for those we feel will best hear and represent us.

The LCRA has joined with other resident groups ‘on the flat’ to arrange a candidates’ meeting for September 20th at 7-30pm in the St Marks Church, corner of Somerfield and Barrington Streets.  The candidates for city council, community board and ECan (regional council) will be attending to speak to us and take questions. All welcome to attend.

Emergency Planning

The LCRA has joined with the Somerfield Residents’ Association to form South Christchurch Emergency Response Team (SCERT).  In the case of an emergency situation, SCERT will open a welfare centre at St Mark’s, corner of Somerfield and Barrington Sts.  We will provide a place to come for short-term ( a few hours) support if anyone is not able to stay at home or needs some TLC.  Water, warm food/drink will be available if needed.

As always we must look after our own areas first and ensure those who live nearest us are OK.  We will keep you posted.

Neighbourhood Week

We are planning a community BBQ for the 29th October in the Cashmere View Park.  Put the date in your calendar and join us to celebrate our wonderful neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Safety

At the moment, many houses are being targeted for random burglaries.  These are often happening during the day and are opportunistic.  We must all ensure we do not provide a chance to be targeted, by keeping our property secure. Note who is around your neighbourhood, check unusual noises – report anything suspicious to the police. If you notice strangers try to get good descriptions.  All this helps police to apprehend miscreants.

Stay well everyone and enjoy the abundance of blossom and new leaves. 


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