Early July thoughts

While the shortest day has been and gone, the weather remains warmish and amost un-winterlike.  That’s not to say it is not cold, it is but we have this sense that winter hasn’t really arrived.  We have had no big storms or even a hint of snow but winter is not over yet. The rain has been good for our little plants in the park though and for our gardens.  So keep warm and stay safe.

Speaking of safety there have been several issues to be aware of in our greater area.  Cars are a target: whether parked on the roads or in your drive.  Make sure your cars are locked and all valuables have been removed including wallets, GPS systems, laptops and cell phones.  Windows are broken and the car ransacked so caution is very advisible.  For iinstance if you are going to the Halswell Quarry dog park, you are likely to be gone for a while and the opportunist thief knows it.  Be safety conscious, removing all valuables before you leave the car.  That area has been of concern and Community Patrol is patrolling there.

Another issue of safety is to so with personal and household safety.  Be aware at all times.  it can range from suspicious people in the area to ice on the path causing a problem.  Be aware of what is around you.  Stay safe out there.

The first six months of 2016

These have been busy but we are very pleased with what we have been able to achieve.  As well as the park restore, we have established ties with Cashmere High School.  This means we can involve our young folk in the community, including helping us further with the park upgrade.  We see a couple of benches near the playground equipment as being useful and a picnic table as well.  We are working on it. The river cleanup was very successful.The building of our neighbourhood networks continues. We are also involved in emergency planning with other groups in our immediate area. We have links to other neighbourhood groups in south Christchurch, all of which help us all to build resilience for us.  We will continue to keep you updated.

The Year Ten Student Volunteer Army at Cashmere High School played a big part in our planting day and also helping plant at the Charlesworth Reserve, Woolston. The term ‘student volunteer army’ is synonymous with the early earthquake help rendered by the Canterbury University.  Recently the LCRA secretary had the chance to hear Sam Johnson speak;  this impressive young man.  The use of the term ‘student volunteer army’ by the year 10 group made her realise that this young man was a role model today in helping the local communities.  Sam was told of his influence and kindly agreed to a photo – for all the student helpers, this is for you.Sam Johnson - 1


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