June 11th – Planting Day

PD arrived with perfect weather . . . Simon the Park Ranger had everything arranged for us to plant and go!

One hundred and eighty five plants were set out, ready to plant.  As well as that we had a swathe of renga renga which were split up and planted out along the whole side border under the trees.

This row of renga renga will look gorgeous in the summer time with their white flowers in the shade of the trees.

We had an astonishing 41 people sign in to help us!  About half of our troop were students from Cashmere High School: their Year 10 Volunteer Army and others who gave up their time to be part of our community planting day.  Our sincere thanks to the students and to Cashmere High for their support.  It is a good example of how we can incorporate the various groups within our community for the betterment of all.  Thank you too to all our other volunteers.  We appreciate yout input very much.  There was a great buzz and chatter of people meeting up and working together.

Young and not-so-young pitched in to plant and then water our plants.  In the meantime, clever Simon turned on his BBQ and Vanessa tended the sausages and prepared the bread for a quick snack for the workers.  They were appreciated by everyone present.

We were pleased to welcome Rik Tindall and Karolin Potter from the Community Board.  They were very impressed with the plantings and the great community response.  Thank you to the Community Board and Parks & Reserves Dept for your support of our park upgrade.

We  managed to get a photo of some of our helpers – the others were either camera shy or still busy planting.

A huge THANK YOU to the wonderful Simon Curtis who made this exercise so easy and go so well.  Not only did he come with his gazebo and BBQ but he had 30 planting shovels and all the works for a safe and enjoyable event.  He was THE MAN!


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