We moved the mulch!

The Cashmere View Park upgrade begins


The park was looking very shabby!  

Saturday June 4th a keen group of us faced the 15.8 cubic metres of mulch and proceeded to spread it on the bare areas and ready for the planting to begin on June 11th at 1100 hours.  We have the expertise of the Parks and Reserves Ranger Simon Curtis assisting us.  We thank too the Parks and Reserves Dept plus the local Community Board who have supported us to get the necessary plants to enhance the area.

An hour and a half after beginning, we had the mulch spread and the park looks better already!

We look forward to having it all planted out on Saturday.  A BBQ will be held for all the volunteers who help us.

2 thoughts on “We moved the mulch!

  1. Well organised Sue, it was a great morning working alongside locals and Cashmere High Volunteer Army students & Parks Ranger Simon. The park & playground is looking GREAT!

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