Rose Street matters

For the past several years Rose St, down the Barrington St end,  has created issues for residents and motorists.  Parking is especially a problem.  Winter conditions mean the grass berms become mud puddles.  In summer the corrugated berms make parking difficult.  Many of the berms have been privately ‘fenced off’ in an attempt to restore the grass, leading to a lack of access to parking spaces off the carriage way.  Recent attempts by the Council to remediate the berms have not been successful. There is increasing frustration with the way the street looks and how difficult it is to navigate.

Access onto Rose St by residents of side streets is also problematic.  Cars parked too close to corners or on the carriageway itself lead to reduced visibility and raise the risk of accidents.    The whole area has become busier, with increased traffic through the area from new subdivisions and driving traffic patterns. Much of this extra traffic overflows onto Rose St, making it even busier at certain times of the day.

Last August the LCRA sent a submission to the Community Board asking for the following:

  • yellow lines to be painted around the corners of streets leading on to Rose St
  • A reduced speed zone along the Barrington St end of Rose St to enable safer traffic flow
  • the yellow lines at the Rose St / Hoon Hay corner be extended further around the corner to aid traffic visibility
  • Rose St be considered in conjunction with any review of traffic management in the area.  This relates to the increasing congestion of Cashmere Rd especially once the Worsley’s Rd subdivision and Adventure park are underway.

At the May meeting of the LCRA committee, we decided to approach the Community Board directly to receive information about the submission and to push for some speedy action on the yellow lines especially.

Three of us attended the meeting on May 20th.  We were very well received and a constructive dialogue ensued.  We were direct about our frustrations and were thanked for presenting them to the Board.  The yellow lines request had been signed off at the last meeting and would be implemented as soon as possible. Our medium to long-term suggestions will be considered as part of the whole area development.  Our difficulties with the state of Rose St were signalled as a priority for some resolution.

We will keep you posted on progress.


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