Opawaho Heathcote River clean-up

may7river2             may7river1

May 7th was the clean-up of the Opwaho/Heathcote river.  The LCRA was responsible for the area from the beginning of Ashgrove Tce through to the Barrington St bridge, both sides of the river.  We were delighted to have 43 people turn up to help.  Some were Beckenham Cubs with their Dad’s who couldn’t do their morning session.  We had people come from Halswell, from up the hill and other areas as well as a good turnout from our own area.  Two groups were sent off to collect with their gloves, boots and rubbish bags.  The gorgeous weather made the clean-up a pleasurable exercise. The site supervisor noted that high-vis vests were ‘de rigeur’ in Christchurch nowadays so she wore her ‘Minnie Mouse’ ears to aid identfication.  It was also very heartening to have people cycle up, looking to help and keen to be involved. Great work Christchurch!

river cleanup1

Our area collected 22 bags with rubbish from a third to nearly full.  We found concrete blocks and pipes, advertising boards, a wire gate and pieces of wood.  The rubbish bags conained bottles, cans, plastic and rubbish bags.  Our river is cleaner following the efforts of a large number of people who helped to make it a great success and become an annual event.

river rubbish1             river rubbish2


We would like to that all our volunteers who arrived to help.  Thank you too to Cassells and the Cracroft Residents’ Association for the post-clean-up BBQ.  Thanks too to the Opawaho/Heathcote river Network for their organisation and support.


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