LCRA initiatives for 2016

The committee has made an annual plan for 2016.  We are involved in a range of initiatives to enhance our area and strengthen community links.  Everyone is invited to get involved.

The initiatives are:

  • The “Mother of all Clean-ups” on May 7th.  We have agreed to support this city-wide plan to clear the river areas of rubbish and debris. The Opawaho / Heathcote is the jewel of our area, enjoyed by many people every day.  Keeping the river tidy is one of our priorities.  We can all assist with this by ensuring we don’t litter and continue to monitor the area as we use it.
  • Cashmere View / Fairview St playground refresh.  We are liaising with Simon Curtis of the Council Parks and Reserves Dept to refresh the planting as a community project. We are planning a ‘clean-up and planting’ afternoon for June 11th.  We will need spades, forks, gloves and most of all MUSCLES.  Join us for a community gathering and meeting with a bit of exercise thrown in. Simon will have the planting plan ready in the next couple of weeks.  We will keep you posted.  Put the date on your calendar now.
  • Emergency Planning is underway.  We are aiming to bring community resources together to manage any emergencies that arise.  We will keep you informed.  Somerfield RA & Cashmere RA have well-developed plans for their areas; we need to follow suit.
  • Strengthening Neighbourhood Networks: another carryover from 2015.  Each committee member is contacting immediate neighbours.  We will give then the Neighbourhood Network form to fill out and send in to Neighbourhood Support Canterbury.  Visit the website link from this site for further information:

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